Guitar World “Parthenogenesis” Playthrough

Interview with Ultimate Guitar

“Colorado’s genre-defying metalheads Allegaeon are about to drop a new album called “Apoptosis”. Allegaeon is known for their very heavy yet very progressive sound, as well as their mastery at weaving scientific and philosophical themes into their lyrics, doing so with meaning and style.

During their eleven-year-long existence, the band has seen many lineup changes, with the latest change being the addition of Brandon Michael as a bass player in late 2017. At long last, the band is feeling very confident with their current configuration, and the sound of their upcoming album confirms that their confidence is very well grounded.

“Apoptosis” is Allegaeon’s fifth studio album, as well as their second attempt at a concept album. The lyrical themes of “Apoptosis” revolve around various biological processes, most notably the titular programmed cell death in order to make room for fresh, better cells- which in a way reflects the band’s experience with lineup changes and further establishing of their sound.

In the spirit of Ultimate Guitar’s never-ending crusade for music news which are relevant and on-the-point, yours truly has bombarded the band’s guitarist Greg Burgess with a slew of questions concerning the band and their upcoming release. Here’s what Greg has to say about it all”…